November 25, 2020

What makes a good advertisement?

There’s no question we live in a world overflowing with advertisements. There have been multiple studies done on how many ads we find in a day, with researchers estimating we experience anywhere from 250 to 20,000 marketing images for each day! There’s no chance our brains can process two or three hundred messages (substantially fewer thousands) in 24 hours, so the majority of these ads simply end up as “noise” that never reaches our consciousness.

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Still, there are a small handful of ads that make an impression on us. How do they do it? In addition to the fact that we notice these rare, not many ads, however, some reach such legendary status in our minds that we recollect them for a considerable length of time. For instance, who can’t still sing the entire jingle or say the catchphrase of at least one commercial from their childhood (Shake n’ Bake or My Buddy, anyone?)

All in all, what makes one ad stand out while another gets disregarded? While it may appear magic or blind luckiness, there is a formula.

Toning it down would be best

Although this saying’s become somewhat cliché, in regards to advertising, it’s entirely evident. A portion of the most exceedingly terrible ads is those that come in like a whirlwind with a torrent of content, images, and sound that leaves viewers on the brink of having a seizure however no closer to making a purchase or in any event, remembering the brand.

Keep in mind, with commercial or radio ads you just have around 30 seconds to express what is on your mind and with the print you have a minor 3 to 5 seconds — that’s simply not sufficient opportunity to relay everything about your business or item, and if you attempt, viewers will get overloaded and recall nothing. Instead, pick the most important message — think of what will stand out enough to be noticed and center around that.

Alluring Headline

what makes a good advertisement

For print and online ads, an enticing headline is an absolute necessity, as it is the thing that will convince viewers to continue reading your message. However, where many advertisers mess up is by making the headline about them instead of about the shoppers. For example, headlines, for example, “Your City’s Top Realtor” or “Landscaping Experts” don’t educate readers anything concerning the benefits you provide. Instead, mention to them what they’ll receive with a headline like “Get the Most House for Your Money” or “Create a Backyard Paradise.” In other words, if you want individuals to continue reading, you have to give them a reason why.

Highlight important components

If you’ve followed the toning it down would be the best principle then you’ve narrowed your message down to something short and basic. However, even within that small message you should choose the most vital components and make sure they stand out from the remainder of the substance by making them bigger, bolder, and set off with white space. These highlighted items are what will grab individuals’ attention, so pick them wisely.

Make your call to action clear

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Do you want individuals to go to your sale? Visit your webpage? Scan your QR code? Whatever you want them to do, make it clear. Your call to action ought to be one of those couples of items within your ad that stands out. Again, don’t mistake viewers for too many details or vague wording.

Consider including a price

For certain businesses, it doesn’t make sense to include costs on your ads (i.e. if you offer a service and charges are highly variable), yet if your prices are straightforward and especially if they are competitive, you can instill trust and get noticed by putting them on your advertisements. Customers feel progressively confident shopping at a business when they have an idea of what they are in for.


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This is advertising 101, however, make sure all your advertisements are appropriately branded with a consistent logo (seen on all your items, signs, and so on.) and with content that speaks to the personality of your business. Be conscientious about everything you put “out there,” regardless of the medium, to guarantee it mirrors the message you’re trying to send and assists with giving your brand a recognizable identity.

Be relatable

The best advertisements are instantly relatable to the intended audience. For instance, they may introduce something the target audience finds entertaining, needs a solution for, or has an emotional connection with. Show how your item fits the purchaser, and entice them enough that, regardless of whether they don’t accept your items, they at least investigate them further.

Be accessible

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Don’t experience all the hard work of attracting individuals’ interest and then not reveal to them how they can connect with you. And remember, customers want to interface with businesses in various ways, so provide as many avenues of contact as possible. Show your total address, phone number, web address, email, and social system pages. You can also make it easy for viewers to reach out to you by having a QR code on your ad that directs clients to a mobile landing page where they can easily click to call or follow a link to a contact page.

Captivating image

Because space and time are limited, a captivating image is a great way to communicate as the need should arise, as it can recount to an entire story with only a glance. Also, a solid picture is far greater at getting individuals’ attention than content alone, and if the image is provoking enough it can make a dependable impression.

Be memorable

If you keep your ads short and to the point, include a remarkable image, and stay relatable then you’re already well on your way to delivering a memorable advertisement. Still, you can make your brand significantly progressively unforgettable by always trying to be a little different than the competition. Be strong and not afraid to put it all on the line from time to time as customers are bound to recollect the unordinary instead of simply one more unexceptional ad.

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