The Ultimate Guide To Salon Marketing

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The Ultimate Guide To Salon Marketing

Salon marketing is hard when you’re behind the chair all day, and already taking your lunch break in the laundry room between clients. (Been there!)

Sure, you may have your software system like HairMax to help with your booking of your salon appointments, but when it comes to marketing, who has the time to learn about all of the different tools to advertise your salon? I get it,

Allow me to introduce your new bestie, that will help you tell everyone about your salon, Constant Contact.

You know those nice, pretty, emails with pictures you get from your favorite beauty brands like Sephora, or Victoria’s Secret? Same concept – but at a small business price point + more! (Pricing starts at the cost of a 1 men’s haircut – $20/month!)

If you have holiday gift sets available or want to tell your clients that you & your team just got back from the International Beauty Show, how do you get the word out?

You turn to the first social network invented – email. With email, you are getting right to the client’s inbox. A place they check daily.

Check out this example from Salon DeCheveux in South Boston announcing that they carry Oribe’s new shampoo for blondes.

Additional marketing tools in Constant Contact include offering coupons (no, not like Groupon!), event management, social media promotions, surveys, special birthday club offer, and more!

12p-3pm is usually a slow time for salons so this is a perfect opportunity to offer a trackable coupon to run a special offer/promotion like “$10 off haircuts between 12-3! Share the offer with 5 friends they get an additional $5.00 off for helping spread the word!” (You even collect their friend’s email address too!)

You can also use the Facebook Fan Promotions tool to increase your Facebook likes, collect new email addresses, and hold your own Facebook sweepstakes like “Enter to Win A Free Wash & Blowdry!”  Don’t worry Constant Contact will organize the entire promotion, and even email you who won!

What did that first-time client really think about their visit? Will they come back? Find out through a monthly survey to make sure you can count on seeing them again for future appointments.

I always encourage salon events like  “girls nights out” event like “bubbles & blow dry’s” night where guests can enjoy champagne and learn how to do a stellar blow dry. But isn’t it stressful to think about organizing everything? You can create and manage the entire event through this software,

See for yourself and join 650,000 other small business owners. Try a demo today & if you need some help getting started, #LeaveittoLindsay.



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