5 Fast Fixes to Jump-Start Your Business’s Website

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5 Fast Fixes to Jump-Start Your Business’s Website

Many business websites today still have old-fashioned contact forms where you can fill in your information in order to be contacted by a representative. But Lindsay Higgins, CEO of marketing and consulting company Leave it to Lindsay Marketing, pointed out that customers and clients want a better way to get in touch.

“My most important tip for improving a business website is to make it easy for a prospective customer to get in touch with your business without needing to fill out a contact form,” Higgins said.  “These days, people don’t want to fill out a contact form on a website, hit submit, and then sit around and wait for a response.”

Higgins said that many customers also don’t want to pick up a phone and start the initial conversation. So in order to give your customers and clients a better experience, you need to make sure your website offers better options for contacting you.

“Having convenient options like live chat or an online scheduling system will give your prospective customer a great experience with your business, and give them the opportunity to get in touch with you faster, without picking up the phone,” Higgins said.

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